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  • The first phase of the BSR's  campaign activity has focused on encouraging residents to visit the  dedicated campaign page and to sign-up to newsletters for further information to help understand their responsibilities and how they can take part in important deicison making about their building.

    You can visit the page here:  Your home, your safety - Making Buildings Safer


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  • HSE has published step-by-step guidance on how Principal Accountable Person's and those supporting them, should to approach the Resident Engagement Strategy. A range of case studies is also available to help others gain insight on good practice in resident engagement. 

    The guidance document sets out key considerations and principles to help the Building Safety Regulator
    (BSR), Principal Accountable Persons (PAPs) and Accountable Person (APs) engage effectively
    with residents.
    It is based on research with a wide cross-section of residents.

    Access the guidance here


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  • A new report published by the HSE brings together the findings on residents’ views, attitudes and behaviours relating to high-rise building safety from two research studies.

    These studies were undertaken to ensure that residents’ perspectives are central to
    the development of the new Building Safety Regulator (BSR), and aimed to
    ensure that residents’ needs and views were considered by providing data directly from
    residents; to use the findings to optimise policy, services and communications to
    successfully interact with residents.

    They also aimed to provide baseline data by delivering measures across a range of relevant topics such as feeling of safety, knowledge and understanding of building safety and satisfaction.

    BSR is also  working to reflect residents’ perspectives in its development in a variety of ways, including a Statutory Residents Panel; engagement with representative bodies of the industry; and a programme of digital user research. Further research projects into the specific needs of residents with disabilities and residents with low proficiency in English language have also been conducted.

    Download the report here

    • Building Safety Regulator
  • Following the secondary legislation published last month, the Health and Safety Executive has today (19th Sept 2023) published a new set of guidance documents for the in-occupation parts of the new building safety regulatory regime for high-rise buildings in England, overseen by the Building Safety Regulator.

    The new guidance covers:

    • Preparing a Resident Engagement Strategy
    • Preparing a Safety Case Report
    • Safety Case for a High-Rise Residential Building
    • Building Safety Guides for Accountable Persons

    There is also updated guidance from the Home Office on Fire Door Checks (published 18th Sept 2023)

    You can find them all on the GOV.UK page here

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