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  • New Public Register of HRBs launched

    A new online system to allow residents to inquire whether their HRB has been registered has gone live today (8 February 2024), by searching the register with a building's postcode. 

    The facility provides anyone the ability to look up a defined set of information relating to successfully registered Higher Risk Buildin via the portal page here. Users will be able to search for buildings by postcode, and the system will return registration information relating to a single building at a time.  The system is designed to prevent users gathering data on multiple buildings in a single search and to prevent data scraping of the records.

    If users are unable to find information relating to a building they expect to be registered, they will be directed to use the Contact the BSR digital service. The BSR Customer Service Team (CST) team will then support them to find their building on the register.  If a building is not identified on the HRB Register, CST will capture basic information regarding the building and pass this information through to the BSR Investigations Unit for review and action as appropriate.

    Access the website here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/find-a-high-rise-residential-building 

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  • The BSR has today published a ‘Safety Case Toolkit’ guide which is accessible here.

    The information within the guide is aimed at accountable persons (defined under section 84 of the Building Safety  Act 2022) to assist them in preparing a safety case report. A safety case report must demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been taken to prevent building safety risks happening and reduce the seriousness if they do.

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  • The HSE has confirmed that PAPs can now self-serve changes to already submitted applications in the registration portal.

    If you’ve already submitted an application to register a high-rise residential building (HRB) and need to amend the registration or key buildings information you have provided, you can now do this directly in the registration portal.

    If your application has been submitted you have 14 days to inform BSR of changes to your registration information and 28 days for any changes to your key building information.

    The guidance on applying to register a HRB has also been updated.

    You can find other useful information on the registration process and using the service portal on our Building Safety campaign website.

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  • The guidance from the HSE for Principal Accountable Persons on submitting structural and safety information (Key Building Information) was updated on 11th September.  The latest guidance aims to help PAPs understand what the Building Safety Regulator will ask, and how you might answer each question.

    Read the latest guidance here


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  • The deadline to register a high-rise residential building with the Building Safety regulator (BSR) is 1st October 2023. It will be a criminal offence if you have not registered an occupied building by 11:59 on 30th September.If you haven’t already started your application to register your buildings, time is running out.

    Apply to register a high-rise building online.

    The HSE is continuing to hold a series of registration clinics to help individuals or organisations that have started an application but have yet to complete it. If you register to attend one of the clinics, you will join a small group of other Accountable or Principle Accountable Persons (APs & PAPs). You can ask your questions to an expert on the registration process and get practical help to complete your application.

    You can register to join a clinic on the HSE registration page.

    Did you know?  
    HSE continuing to update the Did You Know? section on its campaigns microsite. This now includes some of the questions and issues being raised in the registration webinars and clinics. If you are still having issues with using the service you can contact the team directly using HSE’s contact form.

    Read the full update from HSE here

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