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  • The Building Safety Alliance, a collaborative effort uniting leading industry figures, associations, and bodies, has announced the publication of two pivotal documents aimed at bolstering competence standards and fostering the recruitment of qualified professionals within the residential occupied sector.

    The newly unveiled documents, BSAS 01:2024 Organisational Capability Management System Standard and Guidelines outlining competence expectations for stakeholders involved in specifying, procuring, and managing services for occupied high-rise and higher-risk residential buildings, serve as essential resources for organisations seeking to enhance competence within their building safety functions. These initiatives align with the imperative of meeting the requirements set by the new building safety regime and its regulations pertaining to competence.

    The Standard will next become part of the British Standards Institute (BSI) standards development process, towards a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) or full British Standard (BS). Both documents are available free of charge - anyone interested in the Standard, will be engaged in a feedback process:

    To request a ccopy of the Organisation Capability Standard CLICK HERE
    To request a copy of the  Guidelines for Competence CLICK HERE

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  • The Home Office has published some updated  guidance to help dutyholders, issued by the Secretary of State under Article 50 of the FSO, to assist responsible persons in meeting their duties under the FSO.

    Find out whether you are a Responsible Person or Duty Holder under the Fire Safety Order and Fire Safety (England) Regulations and what responsibilities you have for fire safety here.


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  • Accountable persons and the principal accountable person manage the fire and structural safety risks of a high-rise residential building.

    This updated guidance will help you understand these roles and their legal duties as set out in the Building Safety Act 2022. 

    The new guidance covers:

    • Accountable person
    • Principal accountable person
    • Clarity about who is accountable
    • Legal duties
    • Additional duties for the principal accountable person
    • Breach of duties

    Access the guidance here.

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  • The guidance from the HSE for Principal Accountable Persons on submitting structural and safety information (Key Building Information) was updated on 11th September.  The latest guidance aims to help PAPs understand what the Building Safety Regulator will ask, and how you might answer each question.

    Read the latest guidance here


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  • The deadline to register a high-rise residential building with the Building Safety regulator (BSR) is 1st October 2023. It will be a criminal offence if you have not registered an occupied building by 11:59 on 30th September.If you haven’t already started your application to register your buildings, time is running out.

    Apply to register a high-rise building online.

    The HSE is continuing to hold a series of registration clinics to help individuals or organisations that have started an application but have yet to complete it. If you register to attend one of the clinics, you will join a small group of other Accountable or Principle Accountable Persons (APs & PAPs). You can ask your questions to an expert on the registration process and get practical help to complete your application.

    You can register to join a clinic on the HSE registration page.

    Did you know?  
    HSE continuing to update the Did You Know? section on its campaigns microsite. This now includes some of the questions and issues being raised in the registration webinars and clinics. If you are still having issues with using the service you can contact the team directly using HSE’s contact form.

    Read the full update from HSE here

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