Updated Guidance: Safety in high-rise residential buildings: Accountable Persons

Updated guidance to understand the roles and legal duties of accountable persons and the principal accountable person for a high-rise residential building.

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Accountable persons and the principal accountable person manage the fire and structural safety risks of a high-rise residential building.

This updated guidance will help you understand these roles and their legal duties as set out in the Building Safety Act 2022. 

Accountable person
An accountable person is an organisation or individual who owns or has a legal obligation to repair any common parts of the building.

Common parts are used by residents, such as:

  • the structure and exterior of the building
  • corridors
  • lobbies
  • staircases

Examples of an accountable person are a:

  • freeholder or estate owner
  • landlord
  • management company
  • resident management company
  • right to manage company
  • commonhold association