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  • This consultation seeks views on the design and implementation of the building safety levy, which will apply to certain new residential buildings requiring building control approval in England.

    The Building Safety Act 2022 introduced powers to impose a levy on certain new residential buildings in England, to raise revenue to be spent on building safety.

    ​The government carried out a consultation on the levy which closed on 7 February 2023. The results of that consultation have been published online. Feedback from that consultation was used to develop the proposals outlined in this consultation, which provides a greater level of detail on the operation of the levy. This consultation covers:

    ·        ​methodology for levy calculation

    ·        ​the collection process

    ·        ​disputes and appeals

    ·        ​further exclusions

    This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 20 February 2024 

    Access it here.

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  • The Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities (DLHUC) last week published its response to consultations on several regulations under the Building Safety Act, including provisions for the ‘golden thread’, information needed to attain a building-assessment certificate and duties to engage residents.

    The government, alongside secondary legislation to bring the regulations into law, published its final impact assessment showing costs of the new regime, which applies to blocks at least 18 metres in height or have at least seven storeys and contain at least two residential units.

    The impact assessment sets out three cost estimates for the industry.

    Its ‘low’ estimate is a cost to industry of £1.24bn over 15 years, its central, or ‘best’ estimate is £1.82bn and its ‘high’ estimate is £2.9bn.

    The assessment shows new rules requiring building owners or managers to produce safety cases for buildings will be the costliest area, with a central estimate of £830.9m.

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  • DLUHC has published a new portal where all building safety consultations and the Government's responses can be found. It will also publish all new and open consultations.



    • Building Safety Act
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