Apply for the Cladding Safety Scheme (11m - 18m)

Link to apply for a grant for remediation of a residential building in England, and high rise buildings outside of London. Applicants are able to add as many buildings as they need to, one at a time.

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Who can use this service?
Applications can only be made by the person responsible for the external repair of the building. This is likely to be the freeholder, local authority or Right to Manage company, or a Property Managing Agent.

If whoever has built your buildings has signed up to the Developer's Pledge, check if they should be paying for your building remediation through the developers pledge policy.

You can use this service if you:

  • are a Responsible Entity
  • an authorised Representative of a Responsible Entity
  • are eligible to apply for government funding, having sought other routes of funding.

If you are a leaseholder or resident you cannot register for the fund. Please contact your building owner or managing agent as they will be able to register your building.
This service is only suitable for buildings that are:

  • over 11 metres high excluding buildings in London where the Scheme is only for medium rise (11-18 metre) buildings
  • Residential, with at least one flat with a lease over 21 years where leaseholder is responsible for external repair
  • have unsafe cladding on an external wall.

Before you start
To apply for funding, you'll need to:

  • prove building eligibility for remediation works through a Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls (FRAEW) completed to PAS9980:2022 standards through our accredited panel
  • register a new building application
  • provide details on the Responsible Entity for remediation work

Next steps
If your funding application is approved, before you can receive a medium rise remediation grant, you'll need to:

  • compile a work package, providing full contractor scheduling and costs details for the remediation works
  • Seek required statutory consents for the works

demonstrate value for money in works package by getting multiple quotes or through tender process

Once your grant is approved and you start we will expect regular updates as a condition of providing funding, and that you keep leaseholders fully informed.