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  • An upadte from DLUHC re: Cladding Remediation

    "As you may already be aware, from March a group of 21 buildings from the Building Safety Fund (BSF) transferred over to the Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS). This transition has revealed some initial positive results and a further group of buildings will now transfer over from BSF to CSS in the coming weeks. 

    This move is being made because the Cladding Safety Scheme has introduced new systems to deliver remediation funding efficiently. It makes use of digital technology, known as the Building Remediation Hub, to progress buildings through all the stages of funding. 

    Relevant stakeholders of buildings impacted by this move have been notified by our delivery partners."

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  • The joint Fire Industry Association (FIA), Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE),  Facade Special Interest Group (SIG), has released this comprehensive document to provide guidance on 'proportionality and risk when carrying out FRAEWs to PAS 9980'.

    In line with PAS 9980 recommendations, this paper addresses crucial aspects of risk acceptability and proportionality of remedial measures, offering insights into the decision-making process regarding remedial actions.

    Read the guidance document here.

  • Government has published two updates to the Cladding Safety scheme (formerly the Medium Rise scheme). The updates:

    Add information which states that FRAEWs must be provided by a Fire Risk Assessor from the Homes England accredited panel. 
    Amend the overview under Eligibility: building height, and social sector applicants: financial viability applications. 
    Make amendments to the paragraphs on Applying for funding for the Cladding Safety Scheme under Submission and funding decision on your full works application.
    For updated details on applying to this scheme click here. 

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  • Homes England has updated its guidance on the Cladding Safety Scheme.

    The Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS) was formally announced under the previous name - Medium Rise Scheme (MRS) in November 2022. The CSS will meet the cost of addressing life safety fire risks associated with cladding on residential buildings over 11m in height (11-18m in London). The GLA will continue to operate the Building Safety Fund for buildings over 18m in height in the Greater London Area.

    The new scheme guidance includes: 

    • Driving the pace of remediation and enforcement
    • Developer Pledge
    • Consideration of leaseholders and residents throughout the remediation works
    • Keeping leaseholders and residents informed
    • Fund structure and administration
    • The Building Safety Act
    • Eligibility: Who can make an application to the CSS?
    • Eligibility: Summary
    • Social sector applicants
    • Social sector applicants: Financial viability applications
    • Eligibility: Type of building
    • Eligibility: Building height
    • Financial support available
    • What we will fund
    • What we will not fund
    • Proportionality and the introduction of PAS 9980:2022
    • Cost recovery

    Read the guidance here

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