Cranes and buildings being built at dusk


  • The joint Fire Industry Association (FIA), Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE),  Facade Special Interest Group (SIG), has released this comprehensive document to provide guidance on 'proportionality and risk when carrying out FRAEWs to PAS 9980'.

    In line with PAS 9980 recommendations, this paper addresses crucial aspects of risk acceptability and proportionality of remedial measures, offering insights into the decision-making process regarding remedial actions.

    Read the guidance document here.

  • The Government has published a guide for residents on the Building Safety Fund (BSF).

    The BSF provides funding to fix life safety fire risks associated with cladding in buildings over 18 metres high, and the new process guide outlines the main stages in the BSF process. It also provides indicative timeframes for each stage, from application to works completed. 

    Read the BSF guide which explains the process here


    • Building Remediation
    • Building Safety Fund (18m+)
  • The government announced the Building Safety Fund (Fund) in March 2020 to fund the remediation of cladding on high-rise residential buildings (buildings over 18 metres).

    The Fund opened for new applications in July 2022 for eligible buildings without a funding solution in place.

    From 9 May 2023, applications for buildings outside London should be made to the Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS) pilot, delivered by Homes England. New applicants should email with their full building address and preferred contact details to start their application.

    Applications from high-rise residential buildings in a London borough should continue to be made 

    • Building Remediation
    • Building Safety Fund (18m+)