Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete: identification guidance

Whilst written by Department for Education, this RAAC guidance is useful to help identify RAAC in all building structures.

Published on

This publication provides non-statutory guidance from the
Department for Education (DfE). This guidance has been
produced to help responsible bodies from the education sector
(school, nursery and college leaders, staff and governing bodies)
understand how to identify Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated
Concrete (RAAC) and appoint an appropriately qualified building
surveyor or structural engineer to confirm if RAAC is present in
their settings.

Review date
This guidance will be reviewed no later than December 2024.

Who is this publication for?
This guidance is for:
• local authorities (for community, voluntary-controlled
schools, foundation schools and maintained nursery
• academy trusts (for academies and free schools)
• governing bodies (for voluntary-aided schools)
• school/college leaders, staff and governing bodies in:
further education colleges and designated institutions,
sixth form colleges, maintained schools, academies and
free schools, pupil referral units, City Technology Colleges,
non-maintained special schools and maintained nursery
• building professionals (e.g., structural engineers and
building surveyors) who have been commissioned to assist
the above clients regarding the identification of RAAC.