Building Safety Management and Costs: Letter to Registered Building Managers

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An open letter from the Housing Minister and the Director of Building Safety regarding charges associated with managing safety in high rise buildings.

In a joint letter to building managers, housing minister Lee Rowley and Phillip White, the director of building safety at the Health and Safety Executive, said they have been made aware of ‘unacceptably high’ charges for services related to producing safety case reports in recent months.

The letter acknowledged that pulling together evidence to produce the safety case report for some buildings ‘can be a challenging process’ and that building managers may need to commission investigations in some cases.

The housing minister and director of building safety issued a warning that they will “continue to monitor very closely the actions of those within this sector and, should we see evidence of inappropriate behaviour, will not hesitate to call it out publicly in the future”.

They added: “Most of this sector is already doing the right thing; others should take heed of this letter and the advice contained therein immediately”.

However, it stressed that leaseholders should be able to understand what they’re being charged for and why, and that existing building safety assessments should be used where possible

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