W13: Establishing Heights of Buildings For The BSA

This training course delivers an overview of the requirements relating to measuring a building for the purpose of the BSA 2022.

Date and time




IRPM or ARMA Members


It will aim to enlighten those who manage buildings as to when buildings are considered relevant and higher risk. It will give an indication of the way in which buildings are measured with explanation on the caveats relating to basements, mezzanines and plant rooms.


By the end of the course, you will have gained:

1.    An appreciation of the definition of a “relevant building”.

2.    Knowledge of the legislation relating to the definitions and measurement requirements.

3.    An understanding of what a managing a relevant building means.


Property Managers who would deal with enquiries into the height of a building on sale/purchase/lease extension and who would be responsible for arranging landlord or leaseholder deeds of certificate for a relevant building.

Anyone requiring a working knowledge of the requirements pertaining to measuring potentially relevant buildings.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

16th October: 1pm - 2pm (1 hour webinar)