Sixth Commencement Regulations of the BSA laid (Part 4)

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On 13th January 2024, new Regulations (the sixth commencement regulations made under the Building Safety Act 2022) have now brought into force various sections in Part 4 of the Act,  as of 16th January 2024.

Sections now enacted include:

  • Sections 79 to 82 which impose requirements with regard to registration of occupied higher-risk buildings and obtaining and displaying a building assessment certificate for such a building; 
  • Sections 83 to 86 which impose duties with regard to assessing and managing building safety risks, the safety case report and its provision to the regulator; 
  • Sections 87, 88 and 90 which impose and are in relation to duties to report certain safety information, keeping prescribed information and documents for higher-risk buildings and for sharing that information and documents with various interested parties; 
  • Sections 91 to 94 which impose requirements in relation to a resident engagement strategy for a higher-risk building, requests by residents for further information or documents about their building, and the complaints procedures to be operated by the principal accountable person and the building safety regulator;
  • Sections 95 to 97 which impose duties on residents and provide for contravention notices when those duties are breached and for access to residential units; 
  • Sections 98 to 101 which impose requirements in relation to enforcement by the regulator; 
  • Section 102 (and the accompanying Schedule 7) which creates the special measures regime, an enforcement tool of last resort; and;
  • Section 111 which makes provisions in relation to articles of associations of resident management companies.

Read the regulations here