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  • The joint Fire Industry Association (FIA), Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE),  Facade Special Interest Group (SIG), has released this comprehensive document to provide guidance on 'proportionality and risk when carrying out FRAEWs to PAS 9980'.

    In line with PAS 9980 recommendations, this paper addresses crucial aspects of risk acceptability and proportionality of remedial measures, offering insights into the decision-making process regarding remedial actions.

    Read the guidance document here.

  • This consultation seeks views on the design and implementation of the building safety levy, which will apply to certain new residential buildings requiring building control approval in England.

    The Building Safety Act 2022 introduced powers to impose a levy on certain new residential buildings in England, to raise revenue to be spent on building safety.

    ​The government carried out a consultation on the levy which closed on 7 February 2023. The results of that consultation have been published online. Feedback from that consultation was used to develop the proposals outlined in this consultation, which provides a greater level of detail on the operation of the levy. This consultation covers:

    ·        ​methodology for levy calculation

    ·        ​the collection process

    ·        ​disputes and appeals

    ·        ​further exclusions

    This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 20 February 2024 

    Access it here.

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